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Fikret Karakaya was born in 1955 in Kayseri. He began his first serious study of music in high school. In 1972 he entered the Decorative Arts department of the Istanbul State Fine Arts Academy. He learned kemençe privately from Kâmran Erdoğru. In addition he studied rhythmic cycles and repertoire with Kemal Batanay, and took part in performances of the University Chorus and the Üsküdar Music Society. Having dropped out education at the Academy in 1976, Karakaya was admitted to Philosophy Department, School of Letters,  Istanbul University. He studied the French language from 1977 – 1981 at the French Cultural Center. After graduating from the Istanbul University in 1980, he took a position at the newspaper Hürriyet. Passing the auditions at Turkish Radio and Television (TRT), he began performing on the kemençe at Istanbul Radio in late 1982. He also wrote articles on music and philosophy for several encyclopedias. This activity steered him towards musicology; and he began to research the history and old theory of Turkish music. In 1993 he produced his first album, Taksimler ve Saz Eserleri (Taksims and Instrumental Works), which contained selected peşrevs and saz semais from various periods, and a scattering of his own taksims. In his second album, entitled Korkulu Sularda (In Perilous Waters), he performed saz semais from the twentieth century, which contain technically very challenging material for the kemençe in particular. He received support from the French Anatolian Research Institute for his project, which had as its goal “to perform early examples of the Turkish musical repertoire on reconstructions of lost musical instruments.” Bezmârâ was born of this project.

Fikret Karakaya had his first kemençe built in 1974 by Hadi Eroğluer, and scrutinizing every step of the process, began making kemençes himself during June of the same year. Over the last quarter of the century Karakaya, who has made nearly one hundred kemençes and repaired kemençes by master builders such as Büyük İzmitli, Baron, Vasil, Zeron, and Haldun Menemencioğlu (Halûk Recâi), has made the çeng, rebap, mıskal, kanun and santur for Bezmârâ.