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Izzeddin Calislar is born in Istanbul in 1964. He is a graduate of Galatasaray Highschool and Istanbul University Political Sciences Faculty.

He made a career move after 10 years in the advertisement sector and became a free lance writer and communication consultant. His articles are published in various local and international magazines. He worked as an editor and publication committee member in local magazines. He wrote scenarios and gave consultancy for television programmes. He prepared and presented radio programmes. He produced various campaigns, presentation films, events and printed materials. He wrote and published more than 30 books. He got awards in scenario, radio programmes and travel writings. He travelled more than 80 countries. He attended exhibitions.

He is teaching in the Kadir Has and Istanbul University communication faculties.

Bir Asrın Yarısı 1958 - 2008, Borusan Mannesmann, celebrated the 50th anniversary of the foundation of pipe industry with a corporate history book.
Research and text by: Izzeddin Calislar.

Anlatmasam Olmazdi, the book covering the memories of Bensiyon Pinto, honorary president of the Turkish Jewish community, is published by Dogan Kitap and made eight copies in two months. Research: Tülay Gürler; Editor: Izzeddin Calislar.

Kadir Has Ani Albümü, Kadir Has University published a memory album to commemorate its founder. Editor: Izzeddin Calislar.

Sınırsız İstanbulUnlimited, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality added an ‘immortal and literary’ – the words of Mayor Kadir Topbas- Istanbul Work to the literature in 2007. This Istanbul Work combines the air photos taken by Fatma and Orhan Durgut and the text written by Izzeddin Calislar.
Altın Yol

Altin Yol, Mehmet Gülay, fourth generation of Gülaylar Altin Group, researched his family company’s background and the gold’s history in Anatolia. The book is edited by Izzeddin Calislar and published in 2007. 15x21, 131 pages
Galatasaray Eğitim Vakfı

Galatasaray Education Foundation, has published a book in 2006 to celebrate its 25th anniversary. The book is covering the Foundation’s contributions to education and its experiences through the archive documents and witnesses. 24x30cm, 320 pages.

TBWA/Istanbul, has published a book in 2006 called ‘Ajans Disindaysa Calintidir’ which covered the structure of advertisement agencies, the way they work, their changed views in advertisement and introduction to its own model. The book aimed to contribute to the sector development and update the students of communication faculties.
Ajans Dışındaysa Çalıntıdır

İstanbul 2010 Avrupa Kültür Başkenti
In 2005,Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture Enterprise Group preferred to apply for the candidacy with a book which was sent to the evaluation juries of European Parliament and Council. It has resulted with Istanbul to be chosen as the 2010 European Capital of Culture. The book was published 5000 copies in English, sent to the related organisations and individuals and used as lobbying tool.

Mavi Jeans, published the book ‘Mavi Derili Insanlar’, telling the history of the blue jean hidden in a love story, in 1996. Following this book a series of books, researching the different areas of ready made clothing sector, are born. In 1998, ‘Iptidar’ a research book about cotton thread and denim fabric and in 2000 ‘Raftan Önce Raftan Sonra’ a book bringing together the basic professional knowledge of ready made clothing are published both for the textile sector and the academicians. ‘Bluejean, Yer: Istanbul Konu: Moda’, the book covering the story of the blue jean in Turkey and how it became an export item is published in 2003.
Mavi Jeans

Türk Sanayii
Istanbul Chamber of Industry, published a book called ‘TÜRK SANAYİİ’ in 2002 to celebrate its 50th anniversary. The book covered the story of the inheritance taken from the last period of the Ottoman Empire, the industrialisation started with the foundation of the Turkish Republic up till today and brought many memories and views of the industrialists, businessmen and statesmen of those days into day light. Sourced from the archives of the Istanbul Chamber of Trade and Istanbul Chamber of Industry, this book not only carried the industrial, economical and political phases of the Turkish industrialisation on its pages but also expressed the future projections.

Mavi Jeans, published a book called ‘10 From Istanbul to New York, Mavi' in 2001 to celebrate its 10th anniversary. The book covered the first 10 years of the brand, its process to become an international brand and communication and marketing strategies. It is translated into English and served as its international marketing tool.
Mavi Jeans

1001 Renk Masalları
Mavi Jeans published the book, ‘1001 Tales of Colour’ in 2000 to emphasize the radical changes of the world fashion. It is published in English as well and expressed the importance of the colours in daily life and in cultures. In the book, photographs from nearly 50 countries and related fairy tales are used. Mavi Jeans Company used the book as an alternative to fashion cat walks in the countries it was operating.

In 1999, Turkcell and Ericsson published and distributed a book called ‘Once Upon a Time in Halikarnassos’ for the opening of the Mindos Gate in the project concept Bodrum Antique Wall Restoration sponsored by both companies. The book was covering historical, social and touristical aspects of Bodrum and also distributed to public as an alternative guide book.
Halikarnassos'ta Bir Zaman

Turkcell, published a book about Beyoglu district of Istanbul in 1998 following opening its Headquarters in the same district. The book called, ‘Parke Taşlar Üzerinde’, emphasized the value and importance of Beyoglu and also served as a guide book.

Plato Film, published a book about its movie called ‘Propaganda’, in 1999. The book, which was published both in Turkish and English, was telling about the movie’s preparations, shootings, production, team and scenario. Besides being an album, it was also used as an international marketing tool. The movie got many international awards and shown in many countries and in addition its book has entered the libraries of foreign universities.

Sana Bir Kitap
Unilever, celebrated the 40th anniversary of its locomotive product Sana with a book called ‘Sana Bir Kitap’ in 1998. The book covered not only the brand but the history of margarine. Years with Sana in Turkey were exhibited with the local and global events. The original packaging, events, printed material type of archive valued documentation was also included. The book is still in use by Unilever.

Galatasaray Association, celebrated the 50th anniversary of its 1948 graduates with a book called ‘Ortak Bellek’ in 1998 which was also the 90th anniversary of its foundation. Association shared the archive documents of Galatasaray Highschool with its graduate members through the book.
Galatasaraylılar Derneği
Maviology Motorize Trendsetter Magazine Uni Club
YOL Sa-ba Blucin Mavi Derili İnsanlar