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Corporate Publications

Corporate publication is a service sector which has not been fully described. It is born out of the idea of solving the communication problems through different projects and instruments rather than media. Corporate publication is used to solve the ‘permanency’ issue in communication. Today, it is known that the brands and the organisations have communication needs more than solely increasing the sales graphics. ‘Book’ is coming in the scene as a direct communication instrument without the restrictions of seconds or column/cm. ‘Book’ makes permanent communication possible with only a small portion of the advertisement budget. The prestige and the magic created through a well written book are still unrivalled. It will continue like this until nothing unwritten is left. Any brand sensing the time has arrived to put their signature on, needs his ‘Book’; big or small but an enjoyable one for the readers.

The below examples will give an idea regarding the satisfactory results of this instrument:

  • 2008
    Bir Asrın Yarısı
  • 2008
    Anlatmasam Olmazdı
  • 2008
    Kadir Has Anı Albümü
  • Şarap Rehberi
    Şarap Rehberi
  • Propaganda
  • Tarifsiz Kederler 2
    Tarifsiz Kederler 2
  • Tarifsiz Kederler 1
    Tarifsiz Kederler 1
  • İptidar
  • 2007
    Sınırsız İstanbulUnlimited
  • 2007
    Altın Yol
  • 2006
    Galatasaray Eğitim Vakfı
  • 2006
    Ajans Dışındaysa Çalıntıdır
  • 2005
    İstanbul 2010 Avrupa Başkent Girişimi
  • 2003
  • 2002
    İstanbul Sanayi Odası
  • 2000
    1001 Renk Masalları
  • 1999
    Halikarnos'ta Bir Zaman
  • 1998
    Parke Taşlar Üzerinde
  • 1999
  • 1998
    Sana Bir Kitap
    Ortak Bellek

Corporate/Brand History: Mavi Jeans published a book called ‘10 From Istanbul to New York’ in 2001 to celebrate its 10th anniversary. The book covered the first 10 years of the brand, its process to become an international brand and communication and marketing strategies. It is translated into English and served as its international marketing tool.
Corporate Document / Information Archive: Istanbul Chamber of Industry published a book called ‘Turkish Industry’ in 2002 to celebrate its 50th anniversary. The book covered the story of the inheritance taken from the last period of the Ottoman Empire, the industrialisation started with the foundation of the Turkish Republic up till today and brought many memories and views of the industrialists, businessmen and statesmen of those days into day light. Sourced from the archives of the Istanbul Chamber of Trade and Istanbul Chamber of Industry, this book not only carried the industrial, economical and political phases of the Turkish industrialisation on its pages but also expressed the future projections.
Professional Culture / Education: Mavi Jeans published the book ‘Blue Skinned People’, telling the history of the blue jean hidden in a love story, in 1996. Following this book a series of books, researching the different areas of ready made clothing sector, are born. In 1998, ‘Iptidar’ a research book about cotton thread and denim fabric and in 2000 ‘Before the Shelf, After the Shelf’ a book bringing together the basic professional knowledge of ready made clothing are published both for the textile sector and the academicians. ‘Blue jean, Location: Istanbul Subject: Fashion’, the book covering the story of the blue jean in Turkey and how it became an export item is published in 2003.
Detailed Presentation: Plato Film, published a book about its movie called ‘Propaganda’ in 1999. The book, which was published both in Turkish and English, was telling about the movie’s preparations, shootings, production, team and scenario. Besides being an album, it was also used as an international marketing tool. The movie got many international awards and shown in many countries and in addition its book has entered the libraries of foreign universities.
Corporate Prestige: Turkcell published a book about Beyoglu district of Istanbul in 1998 following opening its Headquarters in the district. The book called, ‘On the Cobblestones’, emphasized the value and importance of Beyoglu and also served as a guide book.
International /Global Image: Mavi Jeans published the book, ‘1001 Tales of Colors’ in 2000 to emphasize the radical changes of the world fashion. It is published in English as well and expressed the importance of the colours in daily life and in cultures. In the book, photographs from nearly 50 countries and related fairy tales are used. Mavi Jeans Company used the book as an alternative to fashion cat walks in the countries it was operating.
Customer Relations: Maya Ofset gave its clients essay book gifts as a reminder of its re-structuring in 2001. Saba Endüstriyel Ürünler when starting its export move distributed the comic travel book, ‘Indescribable Sorrows’ as a gift to its clients. Mavi Jeans presented a separate exhibition catalogue to its Turkish and foreign clients who could not attend the art exhibition called ‘Blue jean and Art in Istanbul’.
Periodical/Corporate Publication: Examples of the corporations using inter company publications are as follows:
Sa-ba Endüstriyel Ürünler – ‘Sa-Ba Post’ for 4 years; Ulus Private Jewish Schools – ‘umail’ for 5 years and Mavi Jeans – ‘Maviletisim’ for 7 years

Examples of the corporations which have their own publication organs and spread the communication to outside are:
Net Tasarim – ‘Trendsetter’, every month; Klasik Araclar– ‘Motorize’, every month; Mars Entertainment Group – ‘Biz’, every three months; Mavi Jeans – ‘Maviology’, every three months

In the past, Interbank published ‘Uniclub’; Opel ‘Yol’; Unilever ‘Calve Kadin’ and Trend ‘City Limits’.

Periodical publications are increasing in numbers and developing as communication tools to reflect the life style of the target group.