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What is NEXUSartLine?

NEXUS is a non-ordinary Art Agent.

It is providing customer unique services and contributing in every branch of art ranging from Music and Dance Organisations to Concerts; Extraordinary Shows to Workshops created for companies; Corporate Publications to Productions. Nexus is functioning as a multidimensional bridge by ensuring the fast communication between the corporate bodies and the artists, producing alternative solutions and balancing the risks.

In 2005, the first year of its foundation, Nexus started to build an art project named artLine which is:

* Serving corporates in all brances of art
* Gathering the artists from different branches and nationalities under the same roof
* Ensuring the works, ideas and projects of the artists reach the corporate and individuals
* Leading the development and the existence of new mutual projects
* Supporting the protection of the ancient arts and instruments

As a dynamic and uninterrupted main connection point, Nexus is growing with artLine continuously.

What are the Activities of NEXUSartLine?

* Contributing to the art diversity through its organisations of 'Special Events'. Introducing various music and dance groups.

* Organizing music,dance performances, sports shows and concerts for openings, product launches, fairs, ceremonies, festivals.

* Providing oral and visual support through ‘Corporate Publications’ alternatives and Production solutions.

* Delivering the pictures, statues, photographs, illustrations and cartoons from the On-line Gallery to any desired address or person on a requested date.

* Organizing corporate art workshops for companies.

Please fill the Membership form and join us. You will be periodically informed of the expanding portfolio of Artists, new Workshops and Special Events.