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Label, Emblem, Logo

kostebek.jpgLabel, emblem and logo are playing an increasingly valuable role every day more in launching a product and its success in the market. The importance and attention given to the product manufacturing needs to continue in market presentation. A good logo can not save a bad product, however a bad logo can destroy a good product. Logo is the signature and the prestige of the company which should reflect reliability and quality.

Strong emblem, logo of the company and the product label designs give confidence to the buyers. The emblems and the logos of the decades sometimes centuries old companies never become worn out.

There are some logos not necessarily designed by well known names. The previous logo and emblem of an important Turkish household appliances producer company was created by its workers. This logo which has successfully represented the company for many years has changed, however remained in the memories of a generation.(*)

A well known Turkish textile company has assigned its logo design to a young Fine Arts Academy student. The story begins when the student learns accidentally the company managers were looking for a professional graphic designer and offers them his service by saying, ‘I will design you one’. Although not taken seriously, he was given the chance. When the next day, the logo arrived, they were positively surprised. There was standing a marvellous work. However, the young student has misunderstood the company’s name and wrote ‘V’ instead of ‘H’. The company’s name and the owner’s surname were the same so this mistake was a real fiasco. What happened next?? The company owner who saw the logo announced ‘We are going to use the logo as it is and it is going to be our company’s name’. This tolerant management and the sensitivity to the aesthetics built today’s textile giant of Turkey. The young student who created the logo is today one of the important artists of our country.(**)

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(**)In his book "My Name is Eflatun" Eflatun Nuri is telling the incident;

One day Vitali Hakko asks Eflatun Nuri to create some scarf designs for his new production line and says, write ‘Hakko’ on the corner as the label… Designs are made ready for the print; Vitali Hakko comes to pick them up. He likes them very much, however there was a problem. Eflatun Nuri wrote ‘Vakko’ instead of ‘Hakko’ on all the designs. Vitali Hakko did not want the designs to be changed and ‘Vakko’ name is born.