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Cover (Book, Album, CD, DVD)

The effective presentation of the cultural products is as important as their contents, so that they reach the masses quickly. Our first encounter with books, albums, CDs or DVDs is through their covers. Since this first encounter enables people to meet the core product, its effect is permanent and important.

Innovative technologies of today, has shown their speed in the graphic design area, too. However, this positive development usually leads us to the habit of computerizing the cover and poster design productions. Graphic design artistic values and aesthetics are mostly missed and the presentations are far from expressing the qualities of the book or album to be introduced. Result is; the high quality works are not catching their deserved interest from the public, losing their market value and the chances to meet the targeted mass.

NEXUSartLine is aiming to create cover designs for autors, musicians and directors paying at most attention to their works. Cover is a presentation element as well as an area of graphic designs. Therefore, the same attention and creativity given to movie music should also be given to the book, CD, DVD covers, taking into consideration the sensitivity of the artists and autors.

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