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Poster (Concerts, Events, Shows)
Efes Pilsen Blues Festivali

Poster is generally accepted as a way of announcement. It can easily be transformed into an art work when the aesthetics are taken into consideration. The posters created with the newly developing print techniques in the beginning of our century, are now decorating the museum walls.

In announcing concerts, theatres and events, nowadays some other means are used like internet, television or radio in addition to poster. However poster is keeping its important place, since its visual elements are still required. The announcements made through internet, press or television can look dull and unreliable if not supported with a matching poster.

Poster is primarily an announcement form. You can simply draw or write on a piece of paper and hang on the wall. You can also photocopy and distribute it. Whichever method you choose, the value and the qualities of the event is emphasized by adding creativity to poster and announcement.

Theatre is played and concert is listened then it ends. Audience talk about it the next day, share their impressions with their friends. Over the years the event is remembered, however the same experiences can not be lived. A concert poster kept as memorial from the event will always stay with you like a certificate of the day.

NEXUSartLine is creating posters demonstrating both certificate and art values for concerts, events and shows.

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